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About us

We are a motivated and dedicated team committed to the well-being of adolescents.

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Anja Hüvel, Founder

Anja Hüvel von ENL1GHT

Anja holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and is currently pursuing a Master of Science (MSc) in "Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health" from King's College London. She has gained professional experience in business development, innovation management, human resource management, and organization with startups, SMEs, and international corporations.

Rahel Niklaus, head of pedagogics and didactics

Rahel Niklaus von ENL1GHT

Rahel holds a Master's degree in Secondary Education from the Pädagogische Hochschule Lucerne and has several years of experience in the Swiss education system as a class and subject teacher. In addition, she has worked in vocational integration and participated in various youth work projects. She leads the pedagogical and didactic development of the course.

Dr. Thomas Bernet

Thomas Bernet von ENL1GHT

Dr. Thomas Bernet has over 20 years of experience as a school principal and teacher in various subjects and languages. He supports ENL1GHT in matters related to the school system. He has experience from both the public and private school sectors, enriching ENL1GHT with many insights and practical knowledge.


Dr. med. Dietmar Hansch, Chief Product Officer 

Dietmar Hansch von ENL1GHT

Dietmar is a medical doctor and psychotherapist and he was head of the department for anxiety disorders at Privatklinik Hohenegg at Lake Zürich. Previously, he had worked in the field of burnout treatment for many years. He is a specialist in internal medicine and he is a psychotherapist focused on cognitive-behavioral therapy. In 2003, he was elected to the Deutsche Kollegium für Psychosomatische Medizin (DKPM). Besides, he is well-known as the author of standard works in the fields of self-management and personal development.

Advisory Board

Dr. med. Barbara Rajmon

Barbara Raimon von ENL1GHT

Dr. med. Barbara Rajmon is a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy. She has been running her own practice (in partnership with her husband) for over 10 years and has extensive experience in public institutions such as the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services in Zurich and Fribourg. She treats the full range of child and adolescent psychiatric issues with a focus on obsessive-compulsive disorders, personality disorders and especially borderline disorders.

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