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Privacy Policy

At ENL1GHT GmbH (hereinafter "ENL1GHT" or "we"/"our"/"us"), we respect the privacy and personal sphere of our customers (hereinafter "customers" or "you"/"your"/"yours"). We process your personal data, which means data that can identify you or provide information about your usage of ENL1GHT (hereinafter "personal data"), in compliance with the law.

With this Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy"), we aim to inform you about the processing of your data by ENL1GHT in connection with the use of ENL1GHT services ("services") or the ENL1GHT website ("ENL1GHT website").

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the explanations below for the use of the services. Your consent also constitutes the legal basis under the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, hereinafter "GDPR"). We process your personal data only to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of the contract/services.

Overview of the Processing of Your Personal Data by ENL1GHT

General Personal Data

We process general personal data about you, such as your name, email address, or residential address. We do not process health data about you.

Details of the processing are described in Section 1.


Provided Personal Data

We process personal data that you provide to us.

Details of the processing are described in Section 1.


Received Data

We process personal data about you that we receive from third parties (e.g., Google Analytics).

Details of the processing are described in Section 1.


Collected Personal Data

We process personal data collected about you, e.g., through cookies.

Details of the processing are described in Section 2.



We use your personal data for marketing and advertising purposes.

Details of the processing are described in Section 2.


Global Processing

We process your personal data globally, including outside Switzerland and the EU.

Details of the processing are described in Section 3.

We store and process your personal data only as long as necessary. This is determined by the achievement of the purpose for which they were collected (Sections 1 and 2), legal requirements, or permission. For example, we have a legitimate interest in storing your personal data as long as they are subject to a retention obligation or storage is necessary for evidence or security reasons. Afterward, your personal data will be deleted from our systems.

1. Processing of Your Personal Data for the Provision of Our Services

  1. ENL1GHT does not request, collect, or process health data. ENL1GHT processes, on the one hand, data provided by you and, on the other hand, collects data for its own purposes from third parties such as Google Analytics.

  2. ENL1GHT collects, stores, and processes your personal data to the extent necessary for the provision of ENL1GHT's services, namely:

    1. For the management of your customer relationship: First name, last name, phone number, and email address through a contact form on the website.

    2. For the booking and payment of services by ENL1GHT: First name, last name, address, email address, and credit card information. The customer acknowledges under Section 3 that this data will be passed on to third parties and agrees to this

    3. For the execution of services by ENL1GHT: First name, last name, email address. The data is collected for the purpose of providing the customer with password-protected direct access to our course offer and, in the event of inactivity after a specified time, sending an automatic reminder email.

  3. The data collected during the online course, such as the number of accesses to the account, information about course progress, the number of modules visited, questions, or comments from course participants, are used by ENL1GHT exclusively for the further development of the course and the internal offering. This data is only stored as long as necessary for contract fulfillment and as long as an account exists at ENL1GHT. All data will be deleted when the account is deleted. None of this data is shared with third parties.

  4. For the improvement of usage services and optimization of our website, the following data is processed when visiting the website and is processed by third parties (Google Analytics)

  5. When accessing our website, our servers temporarily store every access in a file. The following technical data are recorded and stored until automatic deletion after xy months: the IP addresses of the requesting computer, the approximate retrieval location, the date and time of access, and the website from which access was made (URL). Information about the type of device and browser or operating system (type, version, language) is also recorded, as well as the status code (e.g., for error messages). Our website is hosted by Siteground ( Google Analytics is used for analyzing website visits.


If third parties are involved in the provision of services (e.g., external psychologists or psychiatrists), these individuals do not receive personal data from ENL1GHT but anonymized data.

2. Processing of Your Personal Data for Marketing Purposes

We process your personal data for marketing purposes and the personalization of offers that may be of interest to you.

If you want to give us your consent to receive a newsletter, you may fill out the form provided on the website. Personal data that you voluntarily provide to us for advertising purposes include:

  • Identification and contact data such as name, first name; gender, age; date of birth; address; telephone number(s); email address.

Personal data that we collect from you through Google Analytics on the ENL1GHT website include:

  • Activity data, namely the services offered by ENL1GHT; Online data that provides information about the time of access and the use of our website, as well as your location.


Right to object

You have the option to object to the receipt of advertising and the processing of your personal data for marketing or advertising purposes at any time. In this case, your personal data will not be processed for marketing or advertising purposes. Personal data already processed for marketing and advertising purposes will be immediately deleted. You do not have the right to object to general advertisements on internet pages.


3. Processing of Your Personal Data Outside the EU

ENL1GHT relies on support from service providers and third-parties located outside of Switzerland when providing its services (e.g., 'Thinkific Labs Inc.' based in Vancouver or the internet payment processing platform 'Stripe' based in San Francisco). The locations of foreign service providers or third-party providers may be in countries that offer a lower level of protection for your personal data than the legislation in Switzerland and the EU.

We will only disclose your personal data if you have consented to it, if there is a legal obligation to do so, or if it is necessary to enforce our rights, especially to enforce claims arising from the contractual relationship. This is the case when using the ENL1GHT website and services, as well as in the processing of contracts.

When paying by credit card on the website, we forward your credit card information to the payment service Stripe, 510 Townsend Street, San Franciso, CA 94103, USA. Regarding the processing of your credit card information by Stripe for credit card payments on the website, we kindly ask you to also review Stripe's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Stripe's privacy policies and terms of service can be found here:

ENL1GHT's online courses are linked to the Thinkific platform provided by Thinkific Labs Inc., 369 Terminal Avenue Suite 400, CAN-Vancouver, and can be accessed with the help of the third-party provider Thinkific. Thinkific's privacy policies and terms of service can be found here:

4. Ownership and Responsibility for Your Personal Data

The data processor ("Collector") of your personal data and responsible for your personal data is ENL1GHT GmbH, headed by Anja Hüvel, Seefeldstrasse 215, CH-8008 Zurich; email address:

5. Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data

You have the right to receive information about your personal data processed by us at any time, free of charge. You can send your written request for information, along with a copy of your identity card or passport, to our postal address (see Section 4).

You also have the right to request the correction of incorrect personal data. You have the right to have your personal data deleted, unless ENL1GHT is required by law to retain some of your personal data.

Furthermore, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the responsible supervisory authority if you believe that the processing of your personal data violates data protection regulations.

Finally, you have the right to revoke any consent given for the processing of your personal data at any time and/or to object to the processing of your personal data.

Zurich, February 2023.

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