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Testimonials of LIFE101

How does LIFE 101 help you?

For Teenagers

“How to understand
and deal with your

Student from Uster, 2023

Ein Junge freut sich über ENL1GHT

“That our behavior has a large
genetic origin.”

Student from Zurich, 2023

“Learning and thinking more
about my thoughts, my feelings,
and my reactions.”

Student from Uster, 2023

“Controlling aggression,
nervousness, dealing with things you don't like”

Student from Oerlikon, 2023

“The breathing exercise with the square (box), that works when you are stressed or scared.”

Student from Oerlikon, 2023

What benefit does LIFE101 give you?

For Teachers

"I think it's great that students can continue their education through LIFE101 in a very private area and that doesn't depend on me."

Teacher from Oerlikon, 2023

“The videos offer a good conversation starter to discuss with the students afterwards and open up the space in class for personal issues"

Teacher from Zürich, 2023

"LIFE101 offers a good opportunity for students to get to know themselves better and to understand emotions in themselves and others."

Teacher from Zürich, 2023

Schools that already use LIFE101

At PortaNova School, LIFE101 is innovatively employed in the Mental Coaching subject, allowing for flexible integration into the existing curriculum. This approach enriches the educational experience with its interactive elements and profound psychological insights.

Die PortaNova Schule nutzt ENL1GHT

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Die OR Schule Schule nutzt ENL1GHT

OR Schools have incorporated LIFE101 as an integral part of their RKE (Religion, Culture, Ethics) and B&O (Vocational Orientation) courses. With a weekly session, LIFE101 effectively supports students in their personal and professional development.

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Die BSZ Schule nutzt ENL1GHT

At the BSZ LIFE101 is used as a valuable addition in the weekly class hour, enabling students to regularly develop important emotional intelligence and self-reflection skills.

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Die itw Schule nutzt ENL1GHT

At ITW, LIFE101 is offered in an interactive and flexibly chosen workshop format over a period of 10 weeks. This approach promotes active student participation and allows for a deep engagement with the course content.

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The Pfaffberg secondary school approaches the topic of mental strength in a well-founded manner and implements LIFE101 across classes as part of their self-strengthening project. Thus, students from the 1st to 3rd secondary level benefit from it

Die Schule Pfäffikon ZH nutzt ENL1GHT

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Partnerhsips with other platforms

To increase learning effectiveness, we have set up partnerships with other learning offerings in order to achieve even more targeted results for the students.

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