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The first product by ENL1GHT

LIFE101 is a digital programme designed to promote mental strength in adolescents aged 12 and above, primarily created for being used in schools.

LIFE101 comprises 10 online lessons, each lasting 30 minutes.

It requires minimal effort from teachers for successful implementation.

Digital or Face-to-Face?

In addition to the digital product, we also offer LIFE101 in the form of workshops.

In doing so, we broaden the concept of mental health and address important topics in adolescence, including 

1) Stress in the family environment

2) Pressure to perform

3) Dealing with Social Media and Fake News

4) Fear of the future



Content-conveying videos, graphics, reflection questions, and explanatory videos with custom-created graphics.

For students

Die ENL1GHT Energieformel

Graphic animations help to
simplify and illustrate the

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Fragen der Psyche

Our presenters communicate the content making theoretical concepts with personal experience accessible.


Checks are short intermediate questions that verify the comprehension of the content.

For students

LIFE101 Beispielfragen zu Glücksqullen

Interactive tasks and appropriate questions introduce students to various psychological topics and sharpen their awareness.

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LIFE101 Überwindung von Angst

The general comprehension and recall of essential course content are assessed and refreshed.

Share! Exercises

These tasks are solved by the digital community, in which students can exchange their thoughts with each other.

For students

LIFE101 ENL1GHT Anti Wut Taktik

The social component of the Share! Exercises helps students to identify with diverse topics and promotes a certain group dynamic among them. This feature is highly valued and used by students!

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LIFE101 ENL1GHT Anti Wut Taktik

The collectively solved tasks create a sense of belonging among students and encourage engagement with the content.

LIFE Journal

It is a journal which students fill out for themselves during LIFE101. They formulate personal “life-hacks” and complete reflection exercises.

For students

Willkommen im LIFE1010 ENL1GHT Journal

The LIFE-Journal supports students in the reflection process by asking stimulating questions. By prompting students to comment on specific course content, it encourages them to adopt new perspectives on a topic.

Beispielfrage aus dem LIFE1010 ENL1GHT Journal

Using positive psychology, the
students are encouraged to find
their own strengths and interests,
which can help them to become
more resilient.

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The guidebook serves as a guide for teachers to accompany the digital content to support students and better convey the content

For Teachers

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Herzlich Willkommen im LIFE1010 ENL1GHT Lehrer Guidebook

Knowing what the students have done, it can then be decided which of the three input suggestions will be done in groups or with the whole class. The inputs are always adapted to the content of the lesson.

Der Grund des LIFE101 ENL1GHT Lehrerguidebooks

To support learners' digital and self-learning lessons, we have developed practical inputs based three categories: Knowing, Doing and Feeling.

Course Structure

In the lessons, students learn how the human psyche works and how they can develop a healthy mindset.

Each lesson consists of a theoretical introduction video, followed by exercises and reflection questions to deepen and integrate the learned knowledge.

LIFE101 enhances personal and social skills by allowing students to share and exchange their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.

Schüler diskutieren einen medialen Inhalt

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